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"These days, you're likely to find free Wi-Fi just by strolling down the street with your laptop and periodically checking for available networks with free software (such as Alf Watt's iStumbler)."
Glenn Fleishman in Macworld secrets, June 2005

Previous releases of iStumbler pale in comparison to this latest release [93] that has [Bonjour] and Bluetooth support that works. With its easy to use interface and small footprint, its fast becoming an essential WiFi tool.
Mack on MacRiot

[iStumbler] is a simple, easy to use program... When you launch it, you are greeted with a simple window showing the available wireless networks in your area, their signal strength, and whether or not they are secured with a WEP password. Finally, iStumbler allows you to see and monitor bonjour [services] as well.
Brenn Hill on MacMod

"A million-dollar news van is no longer a match for a punk with a PowerBook and iStumbler."

"Alf Watt's iStumbler is a slick utility that sniffs out wireless networks in your immediate surroundings. [If] you are having intermittent connection issues with your own wireless network, you can troubleshoot the problem with your new best friend, iStumbler. It reveals the wireless channel each network is using, allowing you to choose a free [one.]"
Mac Home, April 2005

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iStumbler Release 94

6 June 2005

iStumbler is the leading wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X, providing free and open source tools for finding AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices, Bonjour services, and GPS locations with your Mac.

Release 94 Focuses on stability and performance improvements with a few small user interface changes. Status displays are back, log messages are now formatted for improved readability and the AirPort plugin can now show the frequency a radio is using.

Release 94 includes an important bug fix for users of Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), earlier versions of iStumbler trigger a very large memory leak, all users are encouraged to upgrade in order to avoid excessive memory consumption.

Download iStumbler Release 94
Download iStumbler Release 94 (552K) for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) & 10.4 (Tiger)
iStumbler Requires Mac OS 10.3 or better.
AirPort Plugin Requires AirPort or AirPort Extreme Adapter.
Bluetooth Plugin Requires Bluetooth Adapter.
GPS Plugin Requires NMEA Bluetooth or Serial GPS.

The Press Release and Change Log have all the details.

You can support iStumbler by subscribing. For only $1 per release, subscribers will receive early access to iStumbler releases and help support further development. See our subscription page for the details.

iStumbler is available under a BSD Style Open Source License. You can download iStumbler source code (3.0 M), modify it freely and submit patches to me for consideration.

iStumbler is brought to you by Alf Watt. Send me an email or Skype Me to suggest new features or to report a bug that's not already on the Bug List.

iStumbler Release 82

Fall 2003

Download iStumbler 82 (672K) for Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar)
Requires Mac OS 10.1 with AirPort or AirPort Extreme.

Release 82 updated the user interface and fixed several bugs. It is the last Jaguar build of iStumbler.