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OrangeCard 1.1

OrangeCard Requires Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later.

OrangeCard is available on the Mac App Store, for just 99ยข.

OrangeCard is a simple Utility for Mac OS which displays the contents of drag messages and clipboard pastes.

Please contact me for help or feature suggestions.


Here's OrangeCard showing off it's own app bundle, all the file system attributes and spotlight metadata are displayed on the card when you drag in a file:


More Metadata than the NSA

For photographs and other file formats with extensive metadata support, OrangeCard provides detailed information about the camera, dates and times, geographic location and more:


Volumes of Information

Drag a Volume (Hard Disk, Solid State Disk, Compact Disk, Digital Video DisK, Network Server, etc.) onto OrangeCard to get detailed information:


Always Talk to Strange Web Servers

Drop a HTTP or HTTPS URL and OrangeCard will send a HEAD request:


Deconstructed Copypasta

Clipboards come in different flavors, see them all and pick the one you want to copy:


Open Source Components

OrangeCard uses CardView.framework to format it's contents nicely, and LiveBundle.framework to keep the list of attributes up to date.