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QRTV Icon QRTV Display QR Codes on your Apple TV or iOS device, scan QR Codes with your iOS device and quickly connect to Wi-Fi networks.

OrangeCard Icon Orange Card Get More Info. OrangeCard shows you detailed information for anything you can copy and paste or drag and drop onto it.

On the Web

📡 localrouter.net find your local router's web interface in seconds!

smatjoin.us share a connection

Open Source Projects

GaugeKit Real-time gauge views for iOS.

CardView a good looking subclass of NSTextView. Used in iStumbler and OrangeCard.

LiveBundle a category on NSBundle which provides dynamic updating of resources in your app or framework bundle. Used in iStumbler and OrangeCard.

IcedHTTP a small embedded web server for MacOS and iOS Apps. Used in QRTV to serve provisioning profiles.

pdf2png a small command line tool which renders pdf files into png files at various sizes. Used to render icons and resources for retina displays.

QRKit QR Code Views for MacOS, iOS and tvOS, QR Scanning View for iOS. Used in QRTV.

ReportWindow for Crashes, Exceptions and Errors. Used in iStumbler.

Webgets is a component system for developing web-based applications on the Java Servlet platform.