About iStumbler Labs

iStumbler Labs prototypes, produces and publishes software for our customers and clients, offering complete product design and development services as well as a suite of our own products for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and the Web.

iStumbler Labs is operated by Alf Watt, in San Francisco, CA.

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Apps on the Web & App Store

iStumbler Logo iStumbler Release 103

Six powerful wireless tools for your Mac.

$14.99 at the iStumbler Store.
OrangeCard Icon OrangeCard for macOS

Drop or paste anything to get detailed information.

99¢ on the App Store.
📡 localrouter.net

Find your local router's web interface in seconds. Works in Safari, Chrome, FireFox and even Edge!
SmartJoin Icon SmartJoin for iOS & tvOS

Create QR Codes to make it easy to join Wi-Fi Networks.

Free on the App Store.

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Open Source Projects

I use GitLab to host source code for various iStumbler Labs projects.
Public repositories are mirrored on GitHub but may be slightly out of date.

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Terminalpdf2png · Github

A small command line tool which renders pdf files into png files at various sizes with presets for icons.
FrameworkKitBridge · Github

Develop views and controllers which work on iOS, macOS and tvOS
FrameworkSparkKit · Github

Bar, Pie, Ring, Line, Grid and Bar Charts for iOS, macOS and tvOS. Built with KitBridge.
FrameworkCardView · Github

A good looking subclass of NSTextView. Built with KitBridge.
FrameworkLiveBundle · Github

A category on NSBundle which provides dynamic updating of resources in your app or framework.
FrameworkIcedHTTP · Github

A small embedded web server for MacOS and iOS Apps. Used in QRTV to serve provisioning profiles.
FrameworkQRKit · Github

QR Code Views for MacOS, iOS and tvOS, QR Scanning View for iOS. Used in QRTV.
FrameworkReportWindow · Github

Report Crashes, Exceptions and Errors with a simple CGI on your own server.