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iStumbler Announces Release 101 of Leading Wireless Discovery Tool

San Francisco, Calif. - 31 March 2015 - Alf Watt today announced the
availability of iStumbler Release 101; the leading Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 
Bonjour and Location discovery tool for Macs running OS X Yosemite.
iStumbler offers a wide range of highly valuable information to monitor
and  troubleshoot wireless networks. Release 101 adds a new Channels 
plug-in, enhanced error reporting and recovery, and live updating of
resources between updates.

- New in this release, the Channels plug-in gives you a quick, visual
  way to determine the best Wi-Fi channel for your router. Channels uses
  the data already collected by the Wi-Fi plug-in and displays it visually 
  along with ratings for each channel, so you can easily pick the best 
  one to use in any location.

- Introduced in Release 100, the ReportWindow framework provides a fast,
  secure and comprehensive error report when things don't go perfectly. 
  ReportWindow captures crashes, exceptions and errors and includes tools
  for recovering from some problems when possible. Best of all, ReportWindow 
  is 100% open source:

- Also new in Release 101 is LiveBundle, an incremental updater for 
  application resources like the OUI Vendor Database and regulatory
  information about channels. These resources are automatically updated when
  newer versions are posted to the web site, without having to install a new
  version of iStumbler.

"The most frequently asked question I got from iStumbler users was, 
'Which channel should I use for my network?' The Channels plug-in gives
both an easy to understand grid view, and concrete ratings of each channel
to help you quickly make the right decision. Along with the improvements to
error reporting  and live updating of resources without having to upgrade 
the app, this release of iStumbler is an indispensable tool for the Wi-Fi 
professional, a useful resource for power users and the most up-to-date and
reliable application I can make." said Alf Watt, iStumbler's Developer.

iStumbler Release 101 is available today at
Priced at just USD $25 for all the computers that you own. Previous donors and
subscribers are entitled to a free license. See the store page for details.

iStumbler Screenshots

Channels plug-in showing Grid View

iStumbler plug-in Family

About iStumbler

iStumbler has been developed by Alf Watt since 2002, with the vision of providing
best in class networking tools for all Apple devices.

Media Contact

Alf Watt
+1 (415) 449-0905
@istumbler on Twitter

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Release Notes

iStumbler Release 101 is just $25 for all the computers that you own. 
Download iStumbler and try it out for free, then purchase a license 
within the app via PayPal or Stripe with your credit card, or Bitcoin.

- LiveBundle framework created
- ReportWindow framework updated
- CardView framework updated
- Channels plug-in rises from the ashes of the Spectrum widget
- Added Channels and Regulation information to RadioStore, updated with LiveBundle
- Improved sorting of Wi-Fi table view
- Updated Wi-Fi info to use CardView
- RadioStore updated to include location information and scan records
- Command+L now hides and shows the plug-in list

iStumbler 101 for OS X Yosemite

iStumbler requires a Mac running OS X Yosemite (10.10) or later.