Alf Orion Watt
San Francisco, CA

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M. O.
Design and develop superlative user-facing products with a focus on wireless connectivity.
Founder, CBW
iStumbler Labs, San Francisco
April 2014 - Present
Produced, and the SmartJoin app for iOS and tvOS.
Brought Oscium's WiPry 5x W-Fi Spectrum Analyzer to macOS with iStumbler Release 102.
Published which find your local Wi-Fi routers web interface, and local web servers.
Launched iStumbler as a commercial product, with an integrated store and more than 100 new features and bug fixes.
Hacked together OrangeCard for Mac OS X. Now on the Mac App Store.
Created iStumbler Labs and published a number of OpenSource frameworks and tools.
Interim CTO
HelloBit, San Francisco
October 2014 - February 2015
Managed development of mobile application & web services to facilitate remittance using Bitcoin.
Ran operations, recruited and hired engineering staff.
Manager, Mobile Applications
Ruckus Wireless Inc., Sunnyvale
September 2012 - April 2014
Built the Ruckus Mobile Applications suite from a set of small demonstration apps into a cross platform enterprise wireless management toolset.
Evaluated contract service providers, negotiated contracts for both individual contributors and multi-year high value development service providers. Recruited, managed and developed technical staff.
Delivered ZoneDiretor Remote Control, an industry leading Mobile app for monitoring & managing the Ruckus ZoneDirector Controller.
Designed and managed implementation of the Ruckus SmartWay Bonjour Gateway, which is integrated into the ZoneDirector Controller.
Worked with newly acquired company to implement their Indoor Location calibration system in a mobile app: SPoT.
Managed development of a rapid Wi-Fi provisioning tool, Ruckus SWIPE which integrates into the Ruckus Carrier and Cloud management systems.
Wi-Fi Software Engineer
Apple Inc., Cupertino
April 2007 - July 2012
Responsible for Wi-Fi User Experience on OS X from Snow Leopard (10.6) through Mountain Lion (10.8).
Worked closely with outside teams: Wireless Hardware Engineering, Apple Care Support, CoreOS Networking & Mac Applications.
Managed multiple projects: Wi-Fi Diagnostics, Network Utility & several internal frameworks.
Mac OS Development Lead, San Francisco
October 2006 - March 2007
Proposed and developed a desktop media player which provided a full screen, remote driven, presentation of imeem content selected for the user.
Lead a small team to maintain a hybrid Cocoa/C# messaging and social networking client.
Open Source Developer & Consultant
January 2001 - October 2006
Developed Desk Lamp for Mac OS X
Designed, implemented and published iStumbler for Mac OS X.
Skills [years]
Wi-Fi [10+], Bluetooth [8+] & RF Measurement[10+]; Bonjour Service Discovery [6]; TCP/IP & Networking [6]; Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and Digital Assets [4]; OS X, BSD, Linux & c.[10+]; User Interface & Usability Design [10+]; Object Oriented Analysis & Design [10+]; Threading, Concurrency and Performance & Tuning [10+]; XML, CSS, HTML & HTTP [10+]; Tech Writing, Specifications & Design Patterns [10+]; Objective-C & Cocoa [10+]; C, C++, Java [6]; Perl, Python, JavaScript, Shell etc. [5]; Embedded Development [2]; Team building and leadership [2]