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End of Life Notice

Previous Donor or Subscriber

Many generous, wonderful and genuinely good people have donated to iStumbler over the years and we have previously experimented with a subscription plan. Anyone who has previously donated or participated in the subscription program is entitled to a Single User License to iStumbler.

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End of Life Notice for the iStumbler Subscription Plan

The iStumbler subscription program is ending with Release 96. Many thanks to all who subscribed, your contributions and moral support are greatly appreciated, iStumbler would not be the same without you. I still appreciate your support, and will continue to accept donations to the project.

Why the change?

The automatic update feature built into Release 96 eliminates most of the benefits of subscribing, so the incentive of early access is no longer very strong. More importantly, the time taken to administer the program takes away from making iStumbler better.